User Manual for LED digital JellyPoi

Dear customer!

Thank you for acquiring Ignis pixel equipment. To make its lifetime as long as possible, as well as to keep the warranty valid, please read the instruction entirely and follow our advice.



The only button to control Jellypoi is placed on the cord’s side.



There are easy-to-feel little pimples on the rib opposite to the button, that makes you find the button easier.

Hold the button pushed for 3 seconds to turn on/off the poi.

After you turn on the JellyPoi, a timeline menu with a blue blinking cursor lights up.


This menu consists of 2 preset timelines (the sequence of pictures) of orange color, and 4 custom timelines of green color:

ORANGE 1. Successive displaying of all loaded pictures for 4 seconds.

ORANGE 2. Random displaying of all loaded pictures for 4 seconds.

You can synchronize green custom timelines with your music in Ignis Pixel Utility (available for Windows-10 and MacOS).


When you shift the cursor up above the timelines (blue cursor), there begins a row of 32 single images (red cursor). Single image mode can be useful, for example, for a photo session. On the photo below, the cursor is on 5th position.

How to operate the button

  • Long push (3 seconds) turns on/off the poi.
  • Push and hold the button for 0,4-0,8 sec to shift the cursor up. As soon as the cursor shifts up, release the button.
  • Short push (less than 0,4 second) launches the current timeline/image.
  • To get back to the menu from play mode, hold the button for more than 0,4 second (the delay protects from incidental pushing when you spin the poi)
  • Push the button for more than 0,8 second to see the current battery level:

If the button is not clicked within 10 minutes in menu mode, the poi automatically turns itself off.

In timeline/play mode the poi works until the battery is discharged.

When the poi is discharged, the LEDs blink red for 10 seconds. To maintain the lifetime of the battery it’s highly recommended to charge the poi the same day.




  • To charge the pixel poi plug them to USB-charger or computer – you will see a red light. You can see the level of charge by position of the red light. On the picture below the position of the red light roughly shows 30% charge.

While the process of charging, the red light slowly moves towards the end of the poi. When the poi is completely charged, the last LED turns green.

  • Lithium batteries don’t have a memory effect, that is why we recommend to charge the poi every time after using them; don’t wait till they are totally discharged. If you charge the poi every time, it makes the lifetime of the battery longer.
  • Avoid deep discharge of your digital poi! Otherwise, it may result in loss of battery capacity and reduction of operating time.


Work with timelines (change of modes)

You can set up time of duration for each picture, thus making a succession from them, synchronizing with music. For JellyPoi you can make up to 4 successions for different performances. In Ignis Pixel Utility they are marked T1-T4.

To make a Timeline:

  • Run Ignis Pixel Poi Utility and plug a turned on pixel poi to the computer.
  • Load pictures through the menu Add –> Image, or drag files into the left column Image List.
  • Choose pictures in the left column Image List. To choose several pictures use Ctrl and/or Shift. Drag them into a timeline (T1-T4) into the lower part of the window.
  • Now you get a succession of pictures – a timeline. You can change the order of pictures by dragging them, as well as you can change their duration, shifting their borders like in a video-editing software. Use Ctrl keys (Cmd for MacOS) to change the method of adjusting the duration of a picture – to change the duration of a definite picture (Rolling edit) or to move all the tail of pictures (Ripple edit).
  • To make a timeline synched with music, load a music file through Add –>Music or drag an MP3-file right into the music track above the timeline area.
  • Plug your pixel device to the computer via mirco-USB cable and click a Scan button in the right side of the Device List window.
  • Click Upload All – the process can take a few minutes, depending on a type of a model, length of pictures and their number. To upload only definite pictures, tick them and the timelines where they are placed into, and click Upload checked.
  • If you change the duration or the order of the timeline, no need to upload the pictures again. It’s enough to mark only the timeline and click Upload сhecked – in this case the recording process takes a couple of seconds.



Ignis Pixel Utility allows to save a project, and you can send it by email or transfer it into another computer.

Thereby original pictures are not necessary; they are kept in the project file.

Temperature recommendation

  • Operating temperature to keep and use pixel equipment is from -20°C to 50°C (from -4°F to 122°F). On low temperature, the time of working can be diminished due to reduced battery capacity when a battery is kept on cold. When you come back to room temperature, all characteristics get back to the former level.
  • If you really need to perform in the freezing cold, keep the poi in a warm place and take them right before the show. In this case, the batteries don’t have enough time to cool off, and the working time remains almost the same.
  • Selfheating by bright modes can also be used when performing in the cold – it doesn’t allow the battery to freeze during the performance.



We give 2-year warranty for our pixel equipment. If during this time some defect or malfunction comes out, we either fix it or make a free replacement of a faulty element. All shipping charges are laid upon a customer, except cases when a device came initially defected or a failure was revealed right after using the device.

Ignis pixel equipment is strong enough to survive collisions on normal spinning speed (about 2 revs per sec). Anyway, it cannot be called indestructible. Warranty does not cover damages caused by hard collisions, drops, and water.

Estimated lifetime of Ignis Pixel equipment is 5-10 years and limited only by battery life (like in mobile phones). If the battery becomes worthless, get in touch with us to replace it with a new one, or we can tell how to change it by yourself.

If the equipment shows any failure, first and foremost reach us out and tell what happened. In most cases, a failure is possible to fix on place, without sending back to us – this will save you a lot of time and money to send it to and fro.   

It’s really important for us to know all weak spots of our equipment so we could make it even more reliable and durable. We would appreciate if thus you help us to evolve.

To get in touch with us and ask questions about the props, go to contacts area on our website:


or by email: pixel@ignispixel.com

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